Whitelaw Gold Belt

Figure 1: Whitelaw Gold Belt tenement holdings

Figure 1: Catalyst GEV designated area and showing nearby gold processing plants.

The term Whitelaw Gold Belt has been adopted because Catalyst’s tenements are situated along the 100 kilometre long Whitelaw Fault which is considered to be extremely important in the genesis of gold deposits that have formed adjacent to the structure. Victorian Government seismic and gravity data suggests that this large fault structure controlled the formation of the Bendigo gold deposits (historically approximately 22 million ounces of gold produced at a grade of 15 g/t Au) as well as gold mineralisation at both the Four Eagles and Tandarra Gold Projects.

In March 2015, Catalyst completed an agreement with Gold Exploration of Victoria (GEV), a subsidiary of Hancock Prospecting Pty Ltd for GEV to sole fund up to $4.2 million in exploration expenditure on the Four Eagles Gold Project.

Figure 2: Figure 2: Whitelaw Gold Belt tenement holdings

Figure 2: Whitelaw Gold Belt tenement holdings.

Catalyst believes that other high grade gold deposits are likely to occur along the Whitelaw Gold Belt because it is mostly covered by Murray Basin sediments which vary in depth from 10 metres to 120 metres. This means that the area has never been tested by historic prospectors and has also had very limited exploration drilling by modern explorers. The potential of the Whitelaw Gold Belt was not fully realised until the Victorian Government "Gold under Cover’ initiative in 2006 which used updated gravity data to show the location importance of the Whitelaw Fault. The virgin discovery of the Tandarra gold mineralisation by Leviathan Resources Pty Ltd in 2006 and the Four Eagles gold mineralisation by Providence Gold and Minerals Pty Ltd in 2010 further confirmed the potential of the whole belt. Catalyst has consolidated tenement holdings along this belt so that it can participate in any future gold discoveries (Figure 2).

As part of the agreement with GEV, Catalyst and GEV have agreed to cooperate on other gold projects within a large designated area which covers the entire Whitelaw Gold Belt. This designated area is shown on Figure 1 which also shows the favourable logistics and the location of at least five gold processing plants.

Applications Pending

Mologo Project – Kite Gold Pty Ltd and Gold Exploration Victoria Pty Ltd
EL006859 exploration licence application (85.3 k)
EL006859 application map (225 k)
Bald Rock Project – Kite Gold Pty Ltd and Gold Exploration Victoria Pty Ltd
EL006887 exploration licence application (85.4 k)
EL006887 application map (223 k)
Tragowel Project – Kite Operations Pty Ltd
EL006894 exploration licence application (84.3 k)
EL006894 application map (147 k)
Community Engagement Policy (75.6 k)